Vintage silent films and live harp music?

What could be more fitting for Tinker Bell than a silvery glissando as she flies about the Darling nursery looking for Peter Pan’s shadow? Leslie McMichael premiered her original film score for the 1924 silent film gem “Peter Pan” in 2007 at Northwest Film Forum. A new harp score for Mary Pickford’s 1917 “A Little Princess” followed in 2011, then a harp and toy instrument score for the Baby Peggy feature “Captain January” debuted at Children’s Film Festival Seattle in 2013. Her harp and viola score for the 1916 "Snow White" premiered on opening night of the 2016 Festival.


SNOW WHITE Live score performance with the 1916 silent film, commissioned for Children's Film Festival Seattle in 2016, scored for harp and viola, 63 minutes.


CAPTAIN JANUARY Live performance of original score for harp and toy instruments brings to life the 1924 silent film starring Baby Peggy, 64 minutes.


A LITTLE PRINCESS Live performance of original score for solo concert harp with the 1917 Mary Pickford silent film, 62 minutes.


PETER PAN Live score performance with the 1924 silent film, commissioned for Children's Film Festival Seattle in 2007, scored for concert harp, Celtic harp, and electric harp, 102 minutes.


CHAMPAGNE Live score performance with Hitchcock's 1928 silent film, commissioned for Seattle International Film Festival Seattle in 2013, 106 minutes.


“A magical movie with stunning music by a mesmerizing performer. Thank you so much all you did to make this possible. It was great!”
Saratoga Film Forum, New York

"McMichael creates a soundscape that is both varied in texture and tone, alternating between the various sounds with cinematic panache. Her score shifts between a distinctly Irish rogue for Hook and his men, and Celtic soothsaying arpeggios for Peter, Wendy, and their families ... It’s hard to imagine what the more standard musical accompaniment would have been, now with the harp washing over all the sepia-toned images."
Rivet Magazine

"Audience members of all ages were spellbound by the film and Leslie’s live music from beginning to end. At the end of the screening there was very enthusiastic applause—and I don’t know when I’ve seen so many wide smiles in our lobby after an event. This was really a treat.”
Roy and Edna Disney/CalArts Theater, Los Angeles

"Harpist Leslie McMichael's mesmerizing score for 'Peter Pan' captures the playful, winsome nature of the lead character and adds a delightful new dimension to this long-lost silent film classic."
Oklahoma City Museum of Art, Oklahoma

"Leslie's score, though traditional in many ways and entirely faithful to the film, is filled with razzle-dazzle and a sly mischief that is the perfect complement to Peter Pan's onscreen antics.”
Northwest Film Forum, Seattle



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