Harp Lessons

Learn to play the harp with Suzuki Method teacher Leslie McMichael

It's widely known that music lessons develop confidence, sensitivity, discipline and coordination. So what's special about learning an instrument with the Suzuki Method? Suzuki harp instruction develops musical ability through a nurturing ear training method where success comes from learning music the way we learn language -- through exposure, encouragement and repetition. The philosophy of the Suzuki Method is that every child can learn, given opportunity and a loving environment. Parent involvement is encouraged. And yes, Suzuki students do learn how to read music!

Leslie welcomes both youth and adult students and teaches harp lessons in various locations in the Puget Sound area of Washington State. Her harp students have performed at senior centers and farmers markets, at Seattle Center and the Capitol Rotunda, and have presented charity concerts to raise money for YouthCare and Seattle Children's Hospital.

New youth and adult students are encouraged to contact Leslie for advice on finding a harp and setting up a try-out lesson. Even beginner students can make beautiful harp music!